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Howdy, I’m Aaron. I’m responsible for just about every thing on this site. I created this portal in 2015 to present my work during the last years. is a completely free and non commercial platform of android applications and web portals I’ve made.

Currently, most of my free time, I’m developing Android Applications like SIM-Blocker in Android Studio using the last Android-SDK and following the Google Material Design Guidelines.

On the other side I like developing Web-Applications and Web-Portals. My expertise and interest lies in web back-end technologies. Here I use PHP, MySQL (mostly in combination with WordPress), OracleDB and Python. My front-end side skills revolve around HTML/5, CSS/3, JS (as well as frameworks like jQuery (UI), AngularJS).

Get in touch!

Do you have a great idea or want to support us? Maybe you want to translate our applications in a new language or have some great images/icons prepared for us? Do you have an idea for a new feature? Maybe you found a secret software bug (Hey! It compiles! Lets ship it!). Just tell us and we’ll help you resolve your issues quickly and easily, getting you back to more important things.

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