If you have a smartphone with dual SIM-Cards you can set your block mode for each SIM-Card separately.

You can create tasks for specified time period and for specified phone numbers, for example Call blocking is enabled from 09 AM to 2:00 PM.

You do not need anymore the airplane mode. We block your unwished calls and you can always look, who searched you.

Whitelist your best friends and family. Block annoying people with just one click. Decide who can call you.

With this call blocker app you can enable automatic SMS and Notification.

Do you wish a new feature or have an idea? No problem – Send us your request and we will try our best.

Block annoying and unwanted phone calls

It occurs a lot of time that we get calls from an unknown number. This kind of situation are not only annoying, but they also waste our time and disturb quiet moments in our life.

Let’s face it, do you hate unwanted and spam calls as we do? I know we all hate spam and robo calls that’s why we build an effective SIM Blocker and Call Blocker app that can put a stop on these spam and unwanted calls and numbers.

SIM Blocker and Call Blocker is a very simple application with just one purpose, blocking unwanted calls. SIM Blocker and Call Blocker app will make sure that you will not get disturbed from spam callers, unwanted callers or any other number you want to avoid.

Just add the number to the blacklist and the app will do the job, at any time you can easily add people to whitelist and blacklist and also can edit the list of blocked numbers in blacklist. SIM blocker and call blocker is a perfect call blocker application for your Android device.

  • Block numbers and contacts.
  • Whitelist is provided to make sure that certain people don’t get blocked.
  • Blacklist to block the numbers.
  • Get a notification when a call got blocked.
  • Activate an auto response SMS on blocked calls.
  • Do not disturb mode is provided.
  •  Quick and easy setup.
  •  Clean and easy to use scheduler.
  •  Enable repeated tasks.
  • List of all blocked calls.
  • The most powerful call blocker app on play store.
  •  Dual SIM call blocker.

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